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Investigating the Paranormal


After years of silence, I have revived the website where it all started. The domain name Haunted Holland had become a toy in the hands of several companies using it for all kinds of things, and trying to sell it for lots of money. After months of negotiating and saving up I managed to fork over a large amount of cash to buy the name, so Haunted Holland is back with the one who thought up the name and its logo!

Welcome on the website Haunted Holland.

In 2006 Haunted Holland started with a group of enthousiastic ‘ghosthunters’, but not like the ones from the movie Ghostbusters. Also, they never were the sort of people that were convinced any spot of dust on film had to be an enraged evil spirit.
These Ghosthunters had both feet firmly on the ground, were extremely sceptic but were always open to answers that were a bit more easy like “ghosts do not exist”.

With this site I will try to:
- How I perform my investigations. What gear do I use, which methodes?

- Talk about cases where I worked or participated on, both in texts, and (if available) film and sound files

- Talk about the facts and fiction of the paranormal, the traps and how not to procede on an investigation.
Do I know everything? Am I alway right? (Usually I do, but that’s a different story altogether LOL)
But no, not always… what I do know is that the internet is full of photos, films and stories that have the label ‘paranormal’, but is in most cases (deliberate or indeliberate) based on a false interpretation of (natural) data and/or occurances.

And finally,
-How to reach me if you have any questions or just want to talk.

                                                                     Richard Seesing

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